: Manifestoes of Surrealism (Ann Arbor Paperbacks) : Andre Breton, Richard Seaver, Helen R. Lane: Books. First Manifesto of Surrealism - A new freely downloadable translation.‎Preface · ‎Written surrealist · ‎How to make speeches. Although it does not make the Manifesto of Surrealism unique among docu- ments of this nature, one distinguishing feature of the text Andre Breton published in.


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André Breton

The entire section is 1, words. Unlock This Study Guide Now Start your hour free trial to unlock this 9-page Manifesto of Surrealism study guide and get instant access to the following: It tends to ruin once and for all the manifesto of surrealism other psychic mechanisms and to substitute itself for them in solving all the principal problems of life.

For the rest of the manifesto, Breton goes on to list a whole bunch of people he thinks are already doing very surrealist things, and describes the manifesto of surrealism possible surrealist methods, like automatic writing, games, surprising juxtaposition, etc.

He states that surrealism need not only apply to writing, or even to art, but to life itself.

And that, in a nutshell, is the manifesto of surrealism! One evening, therefore, before I fell asleep, I perceived, so clearly articulated that it was the manifesto of surrealism to change a word, but nonetheless removed from the sound of any voice, a rather strange phrase which came to the manifesto of surrealism without any apparent relationship to the events in which, my consciousness agrees, I was then involved, a phrase which seemed to me insistent, a phrase, if I may be so bold, which was knocking at the window.

I took cursory note of it and prepared to move on when its organic character caught my attention.


Actually, this phrase astonished me: It was most certainly my previous the manifesto of surrealism which decided the matter. Since that day, I have had occasion to concentrate my attention voluntarily on similar apparitions, and I know they are fully as clear as auditory phenomena.

With a pencil and white sheet of paper to hand, I could easily trace their outlines.


Here again it is not a matter of drawing, but simply of tracing. I could thus depict a tree, a wave, a musical instrument, all manner of things of which I am presently incapable of providing even the roughest sketch.

I would plunge into it, convinced that I would find my way again, in a maze of lines which at first glance would seem to be going nowhere. And, upon opening my eyes, I would get the very strong impression of something the manifesto of surrealism seen.

Beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt, what I saw was the simple reconstruction in space of a man leaning out a window. But this window having shifted with the man, I realized that I was dealing with an image of a fairly rare sort, and all I could think of was to incorporate it into my material for poetic construction.

No sooner had I granted it this capacity than it was in fact succeeded by a whole series of phrases, with only brief pauses between them, which surprised me only slightly less and left me with the impression of their being so gratuitous that the control I the manifesto of surrealism then exercised upon myself seemed to me illusory and all I could think of was putting an end to the interminable quarrel raging within me.

Surrealist Manifesto - Wikipedia

The fact is I did not eat every day during that period of my life. Most certainly the manifestations that he describes in these terms are clearly the same: It the manifesto of surrealism still dark.

My eyes had been open for a long time when I heard the clock in the apartment above strike five.

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I wanted to go back to sleep, but I couldn't; I was wide awake and a thousand thoughts were crowding through my the manifesto of surrealism. I repeated them to myself slowly, word by word; they were excellent.

And there were still more coming.

I got up and picked up a pencil and some the manifesto of surrealism that were on a table behind my bed. It was as though some vein had burst within me, one word followed another, found its proper place, adapted itself to the situation, scene piled upon scene, the action unfolded, one retort after another welled up in my mind, I was enjoying myself immensely.


The manifesto of surrealism came to me so rapidly and continued to flow so abundantly that I lost a whole host of delicate details, because my pencil could not keep up with them, and yet I went as fast as I could, my hand in constant motion, I did not lose a minute.

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