Eco, Serendipities. Language and Lunacy, trans. William Weaver, New York: Columbia U.P., ; London: Weidenfeld, Serendipities has ratings and 76 reviews. Riku said: The Force of FalsityEco illustrates through multiple examples on what tenuous grounds much. Eco (The Name of the Rose, , etc.; Semiotics/Univ. of Bologna) remains Italy's most successful and prolific writer. He is a novelist, cultural.


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From Leibniz's belief that the I Ching illustrated the principles of calculus to Marco Polo's mistaking a rhinoceros for a unicorn, Eco tours the labyrinth of intellectual history, illuminating the ways in which we project the serendipities umberto eco onto the strange.

Eco uncovers a rich history of linguistic endeavor—much of it ill-conceived—that sought to "heal the wound of Babel.

Serendipities: Language and Lunacy

In closing, Eco considers the erroneous notion of linguistic perfection and shrewdly observes that the dangers we face lie not in the rules we use to interpret other cultures but in our insistence on making these rules absolute. With the startling combination of erudition and wit, bewildering anecdotes and scholarly rigor serendipities umberto eco are Eco's hallmarks, Serendipities is sure to entertain and enlighten any reader with a passion for the curious history of languages and ideas.

serendipities umberto eco


And we could mention many, many other false tales,for example, the myth of the Terra Australis, that immense continent that supposedly extended all along the polar cap and subtropical Antarctica. The firm belief in the existence of this land affirmed by countless maps showing the globe serendipities umberto eco, to serendipities umberto eco south, by a broad terrestrial banddrove navigators from various nations for at least three centuries to try to explore serendipities umberto eco south seas and even the Antarctic.

What can be said of the idea of Eldorado and the fountain of youth, which led mad, brave heroes to explore the two Americas? And what about the tale of Phlogiston, the tale of cosmic ether?


Let us forget for a moment that some of these false tales serendipities umberto eco positive effects, while others produced horror and shame. All created something, for better or worse.


Nothing in their success is inexplicable. What represents a problem is rather the way they managed to replace other tales that today we consider true.

Serendipities - Wikipedia

Although instruments, serendipities umberto eco empirical or conjectural, exist to prove that some object is false, every decision in the matter presupposes the existence of an original, authentic and true, to which the fake is compared.

The truly genuine problem thus does not consist of proving something false but in proving that the authentic object is authentic. And yet this obvious consideration must not lead us to the conclusion that a criterion of truth does serendipities umberto eco exist and that tales now called false and tales that today we believe true are equivalent because both belong to the genre of narrative fiction.

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