TIG welding with the pulse feature is most often done for thin metals such as aluminum and can also be used with copper and varieties of steel. Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) welding process is generally used for welding of aluminum alloys. TIG process is generally preferred because it produces a very high. TIG Welding, Pulse Versus Advanced Pulse continued Once you understand the basics of pulse, (covered in part 1), you understand that it is a dynamic tool for.


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In this the arc is made to strike from two electrodes separately. The two electrodes are moved side by side along the joint to obtain a wide smooth weld without any undercuts.

Arc cone shape using CCD camera was observed and arc pulsd tig welding was measured.

Effect of Pulsed TIG Welding Parameters on the Microstructure and Micro-Hardness of AA6061 Joints

pulsd tig welding The results show that coupling arc includes two arcs that pull each other according to Lorentz force which forms one big coupling.

Thus results proves that stable welding process can be achieved by twin-tungsten TIG at higher current than that of conventional TIG because of low arc pressure and high efficiency welding.

Manual programmed TIG welding is another variant where welding is achieved by use pulsd tig welding foot controlled rheostat for starting and finishing a weld.


A finger switch on TIG torch can be used to select the specific programme to achieve a desired weld. Main applications include welding tube-to-tube sheet and root pass welding in pipe work.

TIG Welding, Pulse Versus Advanced Pulse, Part 2 of 2 | Everlast Generators

Experimental procedure Soft aluminum alloy O and strain hardened aluminum alloy Twere used in this study. Defect free welds are obtained as shown by the radiography film Fig. Tensile test was carried out in 50 KN eletro-mechanical controlled universal testing machine Tinius Olsen with cross head speed pulsd tig welding 2.

A customerized setup is build whose manufacturing cost pulsd tig welding very low as compared to setup available in the market. This makes it a low cost automation of welding process. The modifications exclusively made to enable them to be used for particular applications.

Advanced welding system, TIG and related processes. Mohandas T, Madhusudhana R G. Will pulsing make a huge difference in my Tig Welding? But if you are the kind of person who recognizes the benefits of having a slight edge over your competition, you will probably want to have pulse capability and learn it.

There is no one pat answer.

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  • >30 pps vs 1 pps
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Most people would probably say pps is slow and anything about 10 would be high. Long pulse pulsd tig welding lowers the pulse frequency up to which refinement of constituents in weld metal takes place. Effect of the pulse frequency on the grain structure was found to be determined by pulse duration.

For a given pulse frequency, long pulse duration produced a coarser structure pulsd tig welding short pulse duration. An increase in the peak current coarsened the grain structure.

Journal of Welding and Joining :: Pulse TIG welding: Process, Automation and Control

Pulsd tig welding Tungsten Inert Gas welding; Heat affected zone; Pulsed current; Based current; Pulsed frequencies; Pulsed duration Introduction Aluminum and its alloys play crucial and critical role in engineering material field.

The predominance of this is attributed to the excellent corrosion properties owing to the tenacious oxide layer, easy fabric ability and high specific strength coupled with best combination pulsd tig welding toughness and formability.


In the construction of pressure vessels and storage tanks, the weld ability play unique role in selection of materials from the various candidate materials. Also repair procedures and methodology are easily pulsd tig welding be adopted and hence it is highly recommended for aerospace applications.

Depending on the types of pulsd tig welding designs, joint fit-up characteristics, and joint consistency, Pulsed MIG or Pulsed TIG may be more suitable for your application than the other. Both processes may have a place in helping you improve your welding operation.

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