Iseries qmqry variables

Method to simulate a "right-justify" for character data using SQL There is no "right-justify" string function built into SQL, but it can still be done: Taking a character string of variable size and right-justifying within a target column containing a maximum of 12 characters. And some flexibility This is where things start to become interesting. The variable name can be anything as long as it begins with an ampersand, is followed by an alphabetic character, and is no more than 30 characters long. The first thing that springs to mind is library list. Exit and save the query. Email required Address never made public. I have not been able to figure out how to get that text to print on the report. The last clause ensures that only 10 rows are fetched. What is the best way to do this? I have a QM query that forms up a DB file.

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  • If the query contains substitution variables, the SETVAR parameter can be used to set the variables for the query. If prompting is enabled, query management.

    Tylogix SQL Tips and Techniques

    The variable name following the colon can be any name you want.) Figure 2: object rather than a query management (*QMQRY) object type. The second statement doesn't have quotes, so the literal constant is gone and the replacement variable can be recognized by the statement.
    Any program that calls this query must pass to it the name of the file to update, the field name to test, the condition to test for, and the value to be tested for.

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    This technique is especially useful for pulling JDE data with accurate decimal information. Specifies whether the output from the command is shown at the requesting work station, printed with the job's spooled output, or directed to a database file.

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    Iseries qmqry variables
    The report is formatted and printed on the printer specified in the printer file associated with the query session.

    A Cross Join returns a row in the result table for each combination of rows from the tables being joined a Cartesian Product.

    images iseries qmqry variables

    Be aware that replacement variable names actually are case-sensitive. I pass it a variable from the program. It's almost certain that that won't work, if I understand what you want.

    As indicated before, we will use an IBM command to convert your query to an SQL Like CL, QMQRY specifies variables using the ampersand (&) character.

    images iseries qmqry variables

    ↰ Delete on where it crashes it is obvious that the quotes around the variable are not getting variable and have the QMQRY look like " where username = &variablegoeshere". QMQRY in AS stands for Query Management Query.

    images iseries qmqry variables

    We create Enter the value for each variable that is there in the QMQRY source code as shown below.
    So you can enter, validate and test your SQL, all from the same screen. A physical file.

    Start Query Management Query (STRQMQRY)

    This is the type of error we are getting now. Passing Multiple Parameters to a QM Query The previous example showed how to run any desired SQL statement using a QM Query but, at times, something more specific may be required, either to gain more control or perhaps to simplify the process. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Using this technique, complex SQL statements that might otherwise be difficult to code can easily be executed.

    STRQMQRY Substitution Variables HELP Please !

    Iseries qmqry variables
    You can, of course, pass a variable rather than a constant value and as soon as you do this, it really does become useful.

    Any suggestions for improvement? Simon Hutchinson March 30, at PM. QWM User or password not valid with relational database value. Qualifier 1: Query management report form name Specify the name of the report form. So, you should see that: You can't have quotes around a replacement variable as part of the compiled statement.

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    1. The purpose of the example was to demonstrate what happens when the quotes are left off of the statement.

    2. First there is the STRQM command which will lead you through the process of creating and maintaining Query Management queries and forms.