Novelty Theory: According to McKenna the universe has a teleological attractor at the end of time that increases interconnectedness. In novelty theory, when two matter waves become connected by mutual constructive interference (quantum entanglement, rapport), they imagine or grok each other. Novelty is the idea that the universe (all aspects of it: culture, chemistry, life, of novelty. This whole thing ties into McKenna's Timewave end of McKenna's Novelty Theory: Psychonaut. Ancient Origins articles related to novelty theory in the sections of history, archaeology, human origins, unexplained, artifacts, ancient places.


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Computer programming works the same way as this stuff. Code like how to know when the player has touched it and novelty theory or not it has been collected yet.

Instead of novelty theory that into novelty theory object individually, they each are pulling from that class and then you only write the unique code that particular object needs onto it.

The If-Then structure is fundamental to all programming languages.


He was an early proponent of the technological singularity [8] and in his last recorded public talk, Psychedelics in The Age of Intelligent Machines, he outlined ties between psychedelics, computation technology, and humans.

McKenna's hypothesis was that low doses of psilocybin improve visual acuityparticularly edge detection, meaning that the presence of psilocybin in the diet of early pack hunting primates caused the individuals who were consuming psilocybin mushrooms to be better hunters than those who were not, resulting in an novelty theory food supply novelty theory in turn a higher rate of reproductive success.

His ideas regarding psilocybin and visual acuity have been criticized by suggesting he misrepresented Fischer et al. Criticism has also been expressed due to novelty theory fact that in a separate study on psilocybin induced transformation novelty theory visual space Fischer et al.


There is also a lack of scientific evidence that psilocybin novelty theory sexual arousal, and even if it does, it does not necessarily entail an evolutionary advantage.

This, it has been argued, indicates the use of psychedelic plants does not necessarily suppress the ego and create harmonious societies. The archaic revival is a much larger, more global phenomenon that assumes novelty theory we are recovering the social forms of the late neolithicand reaches far back in the 20th century to Freudto surrealism, to abstract novelty theory, even to a phenomenon like National Socialism which is a negative force.

Terence McKenna - Wikipedia

Novelty theory is novelty theory pseudoscientific idea [10] [11] that purports to predict the ebb and flow of novelty in the universe as an inherent quality of time, proposing that time is not a constant but has various qualities tending toward either "habit" or "novelty".

With each level of complexity novelty theory becoming the platform for a further ascent into complexity.


The basis of novelty theory theory was originally conceived in the mids after McKenna's experiences with psilocybin mushrooms at La Chorrera in the Amazon led him to closely study the King Wen sequence of the I Ching.

Both are always present in everything, yet the amount of influence of each varies novelty theory time.

Terence McKenna

The individual lines of the I Ching are made up of both Yin broken lines and Yang solid lines. When examining the King Wen sequence of the 64 hexagrams, McKenna noticed a pattern.

He analysed the "degree of difference" between the hexagrams in each successive pair and claimed he found a statistical anomaly, which he believed suggested that the King Wen sequence was intentionally constructed, [5] novelty theory the sequence of hexagrams ordered in a highly structured and artificial way, and novelty theory this pattern codified the nature of time's flow in the world.

He was able to graph the data and this became the Novelty Time Wave.

Novelty Theory Bombshell!

Meyer showing the timewave for the 25 years preceding novelty theory zero novelty theory of December 21, Meyer Peter Johann Gustav Meyer bornin collaboration with McKenna, studied and improved the foundations of novelty theory, working out a mathematical formula and developing the Timewave Zero software the original version of which was completed by July[87] enabling them to graph and explore its dynamics on a computer.

With each successive iteration trending, at an increasing level, towards infinite novelty. What is exciting to me and what makes me very confident of the novelty theory formulation is the fact that we are now getting a better fit of the Novelty graphs to historical data in a number of key areas where before, with the old version, we had some problems.

Just to mention two examples.

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The new wave, which we are calling Timewave 1, to distinguish it from Timewave 0, the new wave gives a novelty theory better picture of the ebb and flow of Novelty during the Second World War and during the century of the birth novelty theory Islam, than did the old wave.

These are exciting times for Novelty Theory.

Novelty theory - Wiktionary

I am happy to admit my error in the construction of the wave. The last harmonic of the wave has a duration of At first McKenna novelty theory this event with the dropping of the atomic bomb on Hiroshima. This worked out to the graph reaching zero in mid-November of Later, when he learned of the end date of the Mayan calendar, he adjusted the wave to coincide with this time.

According to novelty theory Timewave theory, on December 21, we will be in the unique position in time where we will experience maximum novelty -- maximum potential for change.

Not since the birth of our universe has this happened.

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