Call for medical help, and then follow these steps to help treat hypothermia: Move the The following are the first aid treatment guidelines for hypothermia. Do you know the signs and symptoms of hypothermia? Here's how to warm up a patient safely and prevent their condition from getting worse. Get first aid tips and information from St John Ambulance about hypothermia. Find out about symptoms and treatment, including how to get warm.


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Don't attempt to warm the arms and legs.

Heating or massaging the limbs of someone in this condition can stress the heart and lungs. Don't give the person alcohol or cigarettes. Alcohol hinders the rewarming process, and tobacco products interfere with circulation that is needed for rewarming.

hypothermia first aid


hypothermia first aid Keep the person dry and wrapped in a warm blanket, including their head and neck, until medical help arrives. A person with severe hypothermia may be unconscious and may not seem to have a pulse or to be breathing.

Call and then gently try to warm the person. Do CPR until the person responds or medical help arrives. Sometimes, people with hypothermia who seem dead can be hypothermia first aid resuscitated.


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St John Victoria Blog | First Aid Hypothermia Treatment – 9 Essential Tips

Your goal is to prevent further heat loss and add warmth. As the body temperature continues to drop, signs to look for include: In order hypothermia first aid avoid falling susceptible to hypothermia you must: Avoid extremely cold, wet or windy weather conditions When entering cold, wet or windy environments always dress weather appropriate.

Clothing items may include; thermals, woollen hypothermia first aid, beanies, gloves, heavy-duty boots, waterproof pants and jacket. Pay extra attention to children and the elderly in cold, wet or windy environments.

What is the first aid treatment for hypothermia? | First Aid For Natural Exposure - Sharecare

Children and the elderly are more vulnerable to colder temperatures and may not be able to tolerate conditions as well as adolescents and adults. Always ensure babies are dressed weather appropriately.

Babies have the ability to become hypothermic in temperatures which adults would not be impacted by. Give them something warm to drink, like soup, and high energy food, hypothermia first aid chocolate. Find something for them hypothermia first aid lie on to protect them from the cold ground, like heather or pine branches.

If their clothes are wet, change them into dry clothes, if possible.

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