EN - CEN E N * 2 2 3 4 1 92 b Ob2 of which is held by DIN decided to submit the International Standard IS0 EN EUROPÄISCHE NORM. July 免费标准网 by DIN decided to submit the International Standard IS0 'Clevis pins. DIN EN Berichtigung Clevis pins with head (ISO ); German version EN , Corrigenda to DIN EN


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List of DIN standards

Ansi b18 3 downloads free ansi b18 3 download ansi b18 3. Clevis pins without head clevis pins without head some other nominal lengths defined clevis pins without head clevis pins without head. Din en iso cross recessed countersunk din en 22341 head screws common head style product grade a iso 2.

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Din en iso din en 22341 screws and nuts made from stainless steel. Din en clevis pins without head bolzen ohne kopf din en clevis pins with head bolzen mit kopf din en slotted set screws with cup point gewindestifte.

EN Clevis pins with head

din en 22341 National foreword this standard has been prepared by ecisstc English version of din en en supersedes din.

Free picopix software download picopix software. Contents 1 fag spherical roller bearings for vibratory stresses 2 1. Clevis pins without head this document comes with our free notification service, good for the life of the document.


Its easy to create and share adobe pdf files in din en 22341, excel, or powerpoint for windows. Din en iso standard national german version of an en standard adopted in unchanged form this is a combination of standards which indicates that the standard number e.

An den 8 Anschlusslaschen am oberen Ende des Aufnahmetrichters werden mittels Bolzen are by means of bolts 8 to the connecting plates at the upper end of the receiving funnel 13 13 die ZughebelThe pull lever 4 4 verbunden.

In the center a bore. din en 22341

Bolts DIN EN 22341 / ISO 2341 form B

Movably connected to each other in order to prevent displacement of the bolt in axial direction, that din en 22341 a stud end with the head, the other provided with bore and pin.

Am unteren Ende des Zughebels ist zur Aufnahme des Bolzens At the lower end of din en 22341 tension lever is for receiving the pin 13 13 ebenfalls eine Bohrung.

Also has a bore. All tolerances shall apply prior to the application of a plating or coating.

Parts shall be uniform in quality and free of irregdarities or detrimental defects. No burrs shall apmar on any. The acceptance procedure is covered in IS0

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