Baby Surprise Jacket. 10 Comments • June 25, Among the numerous and frequent moments of epiphany, gratitude and sheer awe. The ABC-SJ (Adult, Baby, Child's Surprise Jacket). Elizabeth Zimmermann's Baby Surprise Jacket has truly proven to be timeless, growing in popularity since its. Available in several books, or as an updated pattern, and now an ebook from Schoolhouse Press. From Schoolhouse Press: Elizabeth.


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The jacket is constructed entirely of garter stitch, and building the field of garter stitches helped me understand how stitches were constructed — how they worked together.


It was also my first experience with buttons and button holes. That was pretty cool.

Just reading the pattern made it sound like I was knitting with a friend, someone who was helping me through the process — teaching, and helping me learn — instead of me simply blindly following directions.

At its core, the BSJ is a knitted rectangle, with baby surprise jacket.


The shaping is where it gets fun. Once the BSJ comes off the needles, it looks like a mess.

Baby Surprise Jacket

The first baby surprise jacket was with a DK weight yarn, and it came out very cute. When I picked it back up, it practically flew off the needles. Blueberry barely fit in it, but she sported it out and about a few times before it found its way as a semi-permanent fixture on one of her stuffed bears.

It knit up larger than my first jacket, and Blueberry can still wear it comfortably. That was a lot of fun, and I ended up quite unintentionally knitting a BSJ baby surprise jacket reminded me of the local minor league baseball team. Baby surprise jacket I did the same working from neckline to cuff down the other side, so that the seam was still worked with the front of the sweater facing.

Ravelry: Baby Surprise Jacket pattern by Elizabeth Zimmermann

After the shoulder seams were complete, Baby surprise jacket finished the neckline by picking up and knitting stitches with RS facing along the right side of the neckline, the back neck, then the left side of the neckline.

Baby surprise jacket I turned the work WS facing and knit one final row. Lastly I bound off all stitches.

This created a lovely consistent MC finish at all edges of the work. Choosing buttons was another joyful part of the process!

MiniMeMadeMay and a Baby Surprise Jacket | Tin Can Knits

Stripes worked in this section fall across the ends of the sleeves and across the full width of the back The baby surprise jacket after working the neck shaping This photo shows my BSJ after working the neck shaping.

Stripes worked here will fall down the front of the jacket and across the hips. Lengthening the Sleeves There are many ways baby surprise jacket lengthen the sleeves on a baby surprise jacket. Blouson Sleeves Baby surprise jacket with blouson sleeves To knit a BSJ with longer sleeves you will need to cast on using a long tail cast on.

This will make the ridge where you pick up the stitches to lengthen your sleeves totally baby surprise jacket on the right side of the knitting.


Cast on an extra 9 stitches on each side a baby surprise jacket of sts and place your first marker on the 45th stitch. Place your second marker on the th stitch.

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