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Off the Road and Into the Center Crowded highway intersections have long been considered good 300 207 sites locations, but the problem of access to the shopping development is receiving much fuller consideration in modern shopping center planning.

Classroom Locations

The key to the access problem is not the volume of traffic passing the center, but the density. As traffic surveys have often shown, the total number of cars 300 207 sites a given point on a road the volume eventually drops as the density gets close to the saturation point.

The reason for this relationship is simple. The closer the cars are packed together, the slower they must go. In such dense traffic, as might be said to characterize the rush hour traffic of some Los Angeles freeways or the Chicago Outer Drive, tie-ups and 300 207 sites are also more frequent, and more costly in terms of highway efficiency.

Classroom Locations

The roads 300 207 sites highest volumes are those on 300 207 sites the cars are spaced further apart and travel at higher speeds with relative safety. Both the high-density and high-volume roads offer problems of access to the shopping center. On the high-density, fairly slow-moving road, it will be difficult for drivers to maneuver into position to turn off.

On high speed roads, ample warning must be given the driver that he is approaching an exit, and the exits into the center must be designed with safety features that take the higher speeds into account. Few shopping centers will be served by high-speed, limited-access roads.


Shopping centers being constructed in developing areas will be served by an existing road network which may not be adequate to handle the traffic that will arise when the shopping center is completed and the area is built-up.

The 300 207 sites of access from the roads to the shopping center should be adequate to accommodate traffic at the busiest hours of the center.

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Victor Gruen, architect and designer of shopping 300 207 sites in "Traffic Impact of the Regional Shopping Center," see biblio estimates that an exit or entrance with continuous flow can handle up to cars per hour.

The peak load of a shopping center can be estimated on the basis of the annual gross income of the center.

The problem is three-fold: Gruen estimates that a large regional shopping center may expect a peak volume at 300 207 sites rate of 3, cars per hour. In such a case, it would seem that four exits are needed to discharge the 3, vehicles.

The History of Geoconservation - Google Книги

Parking the Car Parking is the prime convenience advantage of the shopping center over the 300 207 sites business district. In spite of the repetitive statement of this fact, the shopper may not always find the parking space he wants.


The shopper wants a space he can find easily, with a minimum of difficulty in moving around the parking area, and one that is located near the store or store group in which he is going to shop.

The fault is sometimes with the developers who have underestimated the need for parking space or found the land too valuable to be devoted to parking. Sometimes there are too few parking spaces simply because there are too many people with cars looking for them.

Parking in the shopping center is seen by the shopper as a series of steps: Leaving the center, he must go through approximately the same steps in reverse, including finding his car which occasionally seems more 300 207 sites than it was to find 300 207 sites space originally.

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